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There are currently no vacancies with COBCOE

General Internships

There are currently no vacancies for interns, but please do send your application according to below terms for us to consider in the future.

Applying for an internship/work experience placement with COBCOE:

These positions are generally available for application from Undergraduate, Graduate or Masters Students during the period of study or holiday(s) whilst still at university in order to gain valuable work skills and some guidance for future career development, and are offered on a part-time basis only. The positions are paid at a rate which is dependant on the level of education/ experience of the candidate.

Candidates without the pre-requisite qualifications may be considered in very exceptional circumstances, but such students would be expected to have at least completed a full Baccalaureate/A Level or other equivalent level of studies.

In order to be considered for an internship, applicants should send a one-sided (two sides maximum) CV/resume outlining studies and any work experience to date and any extra curricular activities (including clubs, drama groups, voluntary work, foreign language skills and anything that can demonstrate skills and personality).

The CV should include a short paragraph about key skills and attributes with particular emphasis on strengths and weakness and personality traits that would be of benefit to an organisation.

The application should be accompanied by a covering letter stating why you wish to apply for an internship with our organisation(s).

NB – you should consider including specific references to:
• What attracted you to the organisation and its work
• How the experience gained may be of benefit to your future
• What you think you can bring to the experience for the organisation

The focus when considering your application will be on natural and demonstrable abilities/ competencies, rather than work experience to date, and the written application will be followed by an interview with a focus on understanding:
• The ability to be a team player
• Interpersonal and communications skills
• Interaction with people and foreign language skills (the work carried out by the company is often related to clients based in Europe, so the ability to interact in a foreign language is an advantage)
• IT proficiency
• Reliability, professionalism and general focus
• Attitude to responsibility and commitment to task/ project
• Motivation to learn

In the first instance, please email your application as above to the Executive office of COBCOE, addressed Anne-Marie Martin, Chief Executive at

Please note that Internship programmes are not available automatically, but if the programme is not open at the time of application, we will always consider the application for future positions or for potential placements that may be available from time to time within our member chamber network around Europe

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