COBCOE responds to the UK EU Referendum

Following the Referendum result on 24 June 2016 triggering Britain’s exit from the EU, we have been working on our Brexit Ambition project to ensure that the political negotiations do not ignore the business and economic issues, and that negotiations are based upon reality and are able to deliver a successful outcome.

A unique position representing business

COBCOE is the only independent organisation representing international business based in the UK, the rest of Europe and beyond. Our network of British chambers of commerce and business associations is located throughout Europe, and represents around 12,000 businesses.

In order to fill the vacuum in business leadership, David Thomas MBE, Executive Chairman of COBCOE, has called upon Brexit negotiators to cooperate with real business networks, stating in his open letter: “COBCOE occupies the only viable position from which to advise on Brexit business negotiations and secure an economically viable future for Britain and Europe.” 

We believe that the successful conclusion of Brexit negotiations rests on including a European business dimension. ‘Businesses in Europe are our natural allies” David Thomas pointed out when interviewed on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme. Under the COBCOE umbrella, British chambers located in each country have the ability to float issues with business partners and their respective governments.

Representatives of COBCOE's Brexit Ambition Taskforce, led by David Thomas, went to Brussels in June 2017. They met the European Commission Task Force on Article 50 Negotiations, and highlighted the work that COBCOE chambers have been doing to identify European business concerns around future trading relationships. 


Open letter to the press from David Thomas MBE, COBCOE Executive Chairman 

An outline of COBCOE's Brexit Ambition initiative

Useful information on Brexit from various sources

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COBCOE's Brexit Ambition partners are Hogan Lovells, the international law firm, and Lloyd's, the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market.

The initiative is also supported by Today Translations and Kompass.

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