British Chamber Lithuania offers Overseas Membership

British Chamber of Commerce in LithuaniaThe British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania offers UK businesses an opportunity to engage in the Lithuanian market without having to open an office in Lithuania. By purchasing a BCCL Overseas Membership you will be able to:

-    Learn more about the opportunities and incentives for doing business in Lithuania

-    Meet and network with local and international entrepreneurs based in the country

-    Participate in BCCL events, such as monthly business breakfast briefings and meetings with acclaimed speakers from both Lithuania and the UK

-    Attend workshops, lectures, business events held jointly with other foreign chambers operating in Lithuania, and a wide range of social events such as a Burns Night charity gala dinner, Guy Fawkes Night, Christmas carols and the Curry Cook-off

In addition to organised events, the BCCL has a wide range of contacts throughout Lithuania in numerous and varied fields including legal services, manufacturing, tourism, financial services and investment. Meet and greet the chamber over the phone, or via social media and email. As possibly your first point of contact with Lithuanian commerce, the BCCL always welcomes any opportunity to facilitate the establishment, integration and development of British businesses in the country.

British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania


Tel: +37 052 690062 +37 052 690084

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