British Bulgarian Business Association

British Bulgarian Business Association
111 Bulgaria Blvd. , Building A, floor 6
Sofia 1618

Phone: +359 886222294
The British Bulgarian Business Association (BBBA) was launched in January 2015, with full support from the British Embassy in Sofia and the Bulgarian Embassy in London. We currently have 120 members from all aspects of British and Bulgarian business. Our mission is to stimulate and support mutually beneficial business between the  United Kingdom and the Republic of Bulgaria.
We aim to:
·     increase trade and investment activity between the United Kingdom and Bulgaria
·     facilitate business relationships, economic development and sharing of knowledge for the benefit of both countries and the growth and success of BBBA members
·     be the first place to look for help when planning United Kingdom/ Bulgarian business
·     upgrade the knowledge and skills of members
·     be self-funding
BBBA will support and represent the interests of its members in relations between British and Bulgarian authorities, with economic agencies, business companies, public institutions and non-governmental organisations.
BBBA is the forum through which we share experiences and learn from one another, and provides the platform of choice to facilitate commercial activities between our two countries, acting as the base for British and Bulgarian entities to consolidate and grow their investments. Our vision is driven by the common objectives projected by the Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe (COBCOE), of which we are proud to be a member.

BBBA is a COBCOE Quality Standard (Gold level) certified chamber

 COBCOE Best Small Chamber Winner 2017

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