MADRID | British Chamber of Commerce in Spain | Presentation of the barometer on climate and outlook for British investment in Spain

For the third consecutive year, the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain presents their Barometer on climate and outlook for British Investment in Spain. The event aims to show whether Brexit has already started to have an impact on British Investment in Spain or, on the contrary, if businesses have continued their operations as they did before Brexit.

Additionally, the Barometer will present the strategies of British businesses in Spain and their plans for future investment: will it increase? Will it decrease? Will it stay the same? This is an excellent opportunity to understand business concerns in relation to Spain.

The chamber will be joined by the secretaria de Estado de Comercio, María Luis Poncela; British Ambassador in Spain, Simon Manley; President of the British Chamber, Christopher Dottie; and President of Afi, Emilio Ontiveros.

The full agenda of this event is to be announced shortly.

10am, 16 November 2017

Funacion Ramon Areces, Calle Vitrubio, 5; 28006 Madrid, Spain

For registration, please visit their site

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