LONDON | COBCOE Conference: Disruptive technologies: innovation and digital transformation in business

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This half day trade conference will explore the ways in which digital transformation is breaking down the barriers to international business and changing the ways in which business is carried out.


The conference is free to representatives of COBCOE members, affiliates and partners. 

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COBCOE Conference 2017 nine confirmed speakersConfirmed speakers and panellists

  • Rajesh Agrawal, Fintech Innovator, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Deputy Major of London for Business
  • David Thomas MBE, Executive Chairman, COBCOE
  • Michael Izza, Chief Executive, ICAEW (Keynote)
  • Rachel Kent, Global Head of Financial Institutions Group, Hogan Lovells
  • Patrick Imbach, Head of KPMG Technology Growth
  • Anne-Marie Martin, Chief Executive, COBCOE
  • Katrin Herrling, CEO & Co-Founder, Funding Xchange
  • Edward Pikett, Digital Director, Department for International Trade
  • Emma Jones MBE, Founder, Enterprise Nation
  • Kevin Smith, KPMG London Region Chairman
  • Helen Mitchell, Fintech specialist, Department for International Trade, Co-Founder and Director Blukudu 
  • David Slater, Director International Trade & Investment, London & Partners
  • Ray Qudos, Head of Sales & Marketing, RDX Sports

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The conference will be followed by a networking lunch, ending at 1.45pm. See the full programme

Venue: ICAEW, Chartered Accountants' Hall, Moorgate Place, London EC2R 6EA



With new solutions being launched almost daily, it's not always clear how we should react to the phenomenon. Do we adapt or risk becoming irrelevant? How do we differentiate between technologies worth our investment and those unlikely to stand the test of time?

As we look to the future and embrace the culture of innovation, there are numerous trends, risks, benefits and opinions to consider. We cannot afford to allow disruptive technology to make us obsolete, nor can we chase after every new idea.


First Panel: 'The rising world of Fintech that is changing the financial landscape'

  • Increasing calls from business for alternative solutions to traditional lending structures and leaner, more nimble,  reactive decision making with instant access to finance.
  • Opportunities for new and innovative financial solutions, provided by pioneers and rising stars who are meeting the evolving demands of business across all sectors. 

Second panel: Going global in 2017 – policies, platforms and people!' 

  • Political change is everywhere, but businesses still need to get on with business and that means finding more customers at home and abroad.
  • The rise of the small and medium-sized business means they need very different types of support to a large global multinational with an established global footprint.
  • Digital solutions have emerged with self-serve content and access to specific trade opportunities.
  • Technology will change the way we do business – but will it get business exporting? Businesses need policy, platforms and people. But where do they join and where do they hand off to each other? Where does the human touch add most value and remain cost effective? Should the machines do all the work?



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The COBCOE AGM for members only will follow in the same venue.


ICAEW logoWe would like to thank ICAEW for their continued support of our annual conference




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