International business risks


Building multinational programme awareness: a work in progress – AIG

Companies growing their overseas businesses are walking a tightrope between expansion and exposure, often without an adequate awareness of the options available to protect their business across different market practices in different territories.


Guide to: Multinational risks – Strategic RISK supplement, July 2014, supported by AIG

Companies seeking growth in new markets will face risks that may be different from those they have encountered at home


Guide to: Claims – StrategicRISK supplement, December 2013, supported by AIG

How to navigate the claims process



Protection against non-payment risk


The trade credit market – starting to innovate? – AIG

Protection against the risk of non-payment is essential


Increased role of technology in credit management – AIG

The emergence of technology provides a new type of risk management for trade credit insurance. 



Exporting risk


Exporting risk is becoming more complex – AIG

Tackling numerous issues a transforming landscape as the span of global risk widens


Product liability: A rising challenge – AIG

International trade is easier than ever, but the opportunities come with pitfalls. Where does accountability for defects lie when working with overseas suppliers?



Compliance and regulation


Compliance and regulation: the expanding challenge – AIG

Local compliance and regulatory issues consistently appear as one of the main concerns for companies expanding into new territories



Cyber and technology risk


Cyber: joined up? – AIG

More needs to be done to increase awareness of the vulnerabilities and consequences in relation to cyber risks. 


Cyber security: mapping the unknowable risk – article from Prospect Magazine,

Based on a Prospect discussion held in conjunction with AIG and the City of London in 2016


Guide to: Technology risk – StrategicRISK supplement, June 2015, supported by AIG

A review of major technological developments and how they benefit, disrupt or threaten businesses around the world


Tech risk: Are companies ready? – AIG White Paper February 2014

Are organisations sufficiently future-focused and able to mitigate against new disruptive technology threats?



Corporate governance and people risk

ecoDa (The European Voice of Directors) Guide to Directors’ Duties and Liabilities – AIG


Guide to: Drectors’ and Officers’ Liability – StrategicRISK supplement, June 2013, supported by AIG

New anti-corruptions laws and the financial climate are having an impact on the pricing and expectations of directors and officers’ cover


Guide to: Executive Travel – StrategicRISK supplement, May 2013, supported by AIG

From kidnap, terrorism and political risk, to evacuation, interruption, compliance and medical issues, not having a travel plan for employees can be a costly mistake and a failure to meet the duty of care obligation 


Guide to: People risk – StrategicRISK supplement, June 2016, supported by AIG

Covering duty of care, big data analytics, managing people risks, migration and expats, business travel, kidnap, flexible working, internal crime and cyber threats



Property & casualty

Guide to: Property & casualty StrategicRISK supplement, April 2015, supported by AIG

As the risks businesses face evolve and change, so do the insurance coverage and mitigation strategies to address them





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