British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary

Csilla Csurgai
Executive Director

Eiffel Palace 6th floor

H-1055 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 78.

Phone: +36 1 302 5200

The British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (BCCH) is a non-profit association of members operating since 1991 (re-established in 2006). During its 15 years of operation the membership has grown to around 200 companies drawn from British-Hungarian joint ventures, Hungarian companies with British business interests and British companies operating in Hungary.

The Chamber’s task is to promote the business interests of its members, especially to foster trade and investment flows between Hungary and the UK. It provides a wide range of services (such as database searches, translation, staffing etc.) for members and non-members. It also produces a quarterly newsletter (BCCH Business News) in which it publishes a wide range of information on general business issues and the Chamber’s activities. It organises events (business luncheons, round table discussions, seminars, and happy hours) where prominent British and Hungarian guest speakers inform participants about current issues. It is a great opportunity for members and non-members to share experiences, establish business contacts and discuss matters of mutual interest.

The Chamber also offers more information and services on its website, which consists of a public and a secure level. Registered companies have access to detailed contact information on all BCCH members and to some services exclusively for members, such as an activity-based search option among members, recruitment corner and business partner search and calendar of events.

The BCCH has a close working relationship with the British Embassy in Budapest and with other European chambers or business organisations operating in Hungary. The Chamber is also a member of COBCOE (Confederation of British Chambers of Commerce in Continental Europe), an umbrella association of all the British Chambers of Commerce operating in Europe. In all its activities, the Chamber regards its British identity and values as fundamental to its success.

BCCH is a COBCOE Quality Standard certified chamber

COBCOE Award Winner for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility

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