British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

Narva Mnt. 5
10117 Tallin

Phone: +372 5656 5394

The British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce (BECC) was established with the encouragement of the British Ambassador in 1996, as more and more British businesses started to look towards Eastern Europe for potential investment and other opportunities. .

Part of the role of the BECC involves offering assistance to companies looking at Estonia for the first time, as well as helping Estonian companies find potential trading partners within the United Kingdom. To this end they work closely with UK government agencies and local bodies and, of course, their own member companies. To assist companies on both sides, the chamber has opened a BECC UK Branch

Are you looking to:

  • increase your business opportunities in Estonia?
  • introduce your company to potential clients at home and abroad?
  • increase your credibility amongst the business community?
  • generally expand your business and social network?

James Oates
Chairman of the Board, BECC

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