COBCOE is a founding member of Emerging Europe Alliance

Anne-Marie Martin at Emerging Europe Outsourcing ConferenceCOBCOE has become a founding member of the Emerging Europe Alliance. The announcement was made at the Emerging Europe Outsourcing conference which took place in London on 28 March.

The Emerging Europe Alliance is a membership organisation whose ultimate aim is to foster innovation and creativity across emerging Europe through promoting the collective strength of talent, technology and service capability of the wider region, whilst at the same time facilitating each country in showcasing their unique value proposition.

By joining the Alliance, COBCOE will further support its members in the region to develop and promote their offering whilst providing expertise to the organisation's mission. On confirming membership, COBCOE Chief Executive Anne-Marie Martin said "We are delighted to be part of this new initiative which will be entirely complimentary to COBCOE's objectives in driving international trade and business growth, irrespective of borders and barriers."

For more information about the Alliance, please visit:

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