COBCOE responds to EU adoption of guidelines for negotiations on future relations

Leaders of the EU27 states have today agreed guidelines for the negotiation of future relations with the UK.

COBCOE looks forward to negotiating partners providing business with more certainty as talks progress. As David Thomas MBE, COBCOE Executive Chairman stated earlier this week, "The UK Government should not be afraid to formally lay out its position on as many aspects of the withdrawal terms as possible."

Whilst it is welcome that talks move onto the future relationship, the latest report from our Brexit project, ‘Review of European Business Views on the Transition Period’ found that many smaller businesses are under prepared for the effects of Brexit, and without a greater idea of the end state, this uncertainty is being prolonged.

At the very least, businesses in the UK and across Europe exposed by cross-border trade must consider the impact of the worst-case scenario on their bottom line. The agreement in principle of a transition period has bought additional time for firms to prepare.

Mr Thomas added "The EC needs to engage with European business and EU27 governments need to talk to the SMEs in their countries and provide support to help them plan for a post-Brexit Europe." COBCOE members in EU countries will continue to encourage their governments to engage with businesses and help them prepare for a post-Brexit Europe" COBCOE is developing support within the network in this regard..

Read more about the agreed guidelines.

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