Farazad Productions

Farazad Productions Ltd is a new British company, a subsidiary of Farazad Group, with offices in London, Istanbul and Dubai, and over 25 years of experience in industry sectors. The company consists of highly talented and driven production specialists that create cutting-edge services with astounding results.

The talented in-house team are experts in event production, creative studios including video production, graphic design, public relations and printing solutions to suit all marketing requirements.

The company’s clients value prominent events that are out of the ordinary, made possible by the comprehensive production service. Dedicated to realising the client's vision, the company has become renowned for creating highly innovative, bespoke productions.

Having hosted guests from royalty and dignitaries, to foreign government officials and Fortune 500 business professionals, Farazad Productions is a trusted name in the industry with a solid reputation and a sizeable international network.

The core proficiencies of Farazad Productions are based upon an intellectual approach to reinvent and calibrate at every step, the application of a personal touch to each individual project, and the overriding drive to achieve impressive results for all requirements.


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For more information, visit www.farazadproductions.com

Email: ff@farazadproductions.com 
Tel: +44 2032057327
One Mayfair Place, Level 1, Devonshire House, Mayfair, London, W1J 8AJ


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