Gatwick Diamond Business

Gatwick Diamond Business (gdb ) has been representing and empowering local businesses since 1957. It is a financially and politically independent body and a respected and sought after voice for local business.

gdb's mission has always been to be the first choice for local businesses looking to grow, develop and wanting to be seen and heard. It has taken the concept of networking and added layers of extra. gdb is there when you need them and working hard behind the scenes on behalf of local businesses.

gdb vision:

  • To create opportunity locally, nationally and globally
  • To help local businesses have influence and impact
  • To ensure that the Gatwick Diamond remains the centre of excellence that it is
  • To provide an open and accessible forum and platform for local business

gdb  is keen to explore any international opportunity for members and would be delighted to host any visit from any COBCOE member.

Alongside the events programme and the lobbying activity, gdb also delivers the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards and the Gatwick Diamond Meet the Buyers programme.

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