India Commonwealth SME Association (ICSA)

The Indian Commonwealth SME Association (ICSA), work to facilitate the linkage of potential SME suppliers to value chains across the Commonwealth.

Their objectives are as follows:

  • To identiy the potential SME suppliers in India and in the LDCs, create an online database and facilitate B2B trade
  • To connect these SMEs to lead firms enabling them to source inputs for their products
  • To improve awareness as well as enable harmonisation of standards within the Global Value chains in India and the LDCs
  • To help establish linkages between SMEs of India and the LDCs facilitating Indian investments and technlogoy transfers to advantage of preferential market access in big markets of the world through the latter.

They offer various services including linkages among SMEs, facilitating investments and technology transfers, training and capacity building for standards compliance and facilitating B2B trade.

India Commonwealth SME Association (ICSA)

FISME Secretariat, B-4/161 Safdarjung Enclave,New Delhi-110029, India

+ 91-9810517884

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