The Voice of Slovak Business

The Voice of Slovak Business is a unique cooperation between the Slovak Embassy in London and SARIO, which facilitates starting of new business in the Slovak Republic. Together with the most influential businesses in Slovakia they help businesses find out about the country and the CEE region and to understand the potential, best practices and partners to work with.

They are supporting foreign business that would like to invest into Slovakia. The foreign business, new to the market that needs to have some well informed help and advice to avoid making any mistakes. They illustrate important case studies and give business support by introducing them to partners that can give further advice or services paramount to business needs.

The Voice of Slovak Business also offers support to Slovak business that would like to export services or products to the foreign market, including services of market entry, company promotion, and market development and in market expansion.

The Voice of Slovak Business s.r.o

Zamocka 34, 811 01, Bratislava, Slovakia

+421 (0) 902 646 708

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