London Delegation from Belgium

With the aim of fostering a stable, attractive and competitive trading environment, the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium have identified 14 priorities that should underpin any future UK-EU agreement. They fall into the broad categories of:

  • Trade and investment
  • Labour markets
  • Regulation and law
  • Energy and climate
  • Tax and innovation


The British Chamber in Belgium is working to help businesses understand the issues and implications, and ensure their concerns are heard by decision makers. The next couple of months will be an important window of opportunity when the British Government is listening to the views of stakeholders, so it's essential for businesses to get involved.

The 14 core principles were published in October. These highlight the key issues that members want the parties to take into account in their negotiations and will provide a structure for discussions with stakeholders and for member input.

Members have been invited to give case studies in the areas of customs union, trade barriers to the single market and freedom of movement, which will be used in discussions with policy makers in London during the annual London visit organised with Knowledge Partners Interel.

The 2016 London Delegation takes place from 24 to 25 November. The visit will give delegates an insight into what preparations are being made ahead of the UK Government triggering ‘Article 50’. The two-day visit gives participants the opportunity to talk to government officials and London insiders about the future Brexit negotiations and the subsequent implications.

During the first day of the programme, several speakers will be welcomed, covering the new political appointments in the UK Government, the different facets of infrastructure and a keynote talk from Lord Price, Minister for International Trade. On the second day, delegates will be able to interact with government officials who will cover topics such as  mobility of talent, and the future of London, all within the overall theme of making Brexit work and what will the negotiation process looks like.    

If you participate in the London Delegation, you will have the opportunity to represent your organisation and make your case to UK government officials explaining the impact of the negotiations on your business.

For more information on how to register for the visit, go to:

British Chamber Belgium 2016 London Delegation

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