British Investment outlook for Spain

UK is one of the top three countries investing in Spain

British investment generates more than 160,000 jobs

Barometer of British Investment 2016 launchThe UK is Spain´s most committed investor, contributing the largest cumulative amount of FDI flows into Spain since 1993. In 2014 (the most recent data available), British investment in Spain was approximately €37.7 billion, accounting for 11% of all FDI stock in Spain. This led to the creation of 161,353 jobs (0.9% of all employment in 2014), as well as the generation of €3.65 billion in tax revenue and a further €2.46 billion in social security, equating to 3.5% of all tax revenue at state level in 2014.

All of these statistics can be found in the latest edition of the Barometer of British Investment, published by the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain in November 2016. This study aims to enhance the visibility of British Investment in Spain and is part of the work carried out by the Advocacy Committee of British Investment in Spain, whose members have met with many relevant stakeholders in the Spanish and British governments. The 2017 edition of the barometer will be published in November this year.

The British Chamber in Spain has been promoting trade and investment between Spain and the UK for over 100 years, as well as representing the interests of members to the governments of both countries. The chamber has grown massively since then in terms of income, staff and members, and currently has almost 300 member companies, organising over 50 events per year in three cities in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga. The chamber has also developed higher profile events and a good coverage of all of the key topics of the bilateral business agenda.

The chamber's Governing Council is now defining a new strategy focused on:

  • Financial growth and stability
  • Membership growth and membership relations
  • Being a business voice, representing members' views
  • Providing a platform for access to relevant information and contacts
  • Improving processes and governance
  • Geographical growth
  • Brexit has been widely present in the chamber's agenda since June 2016. We have organised a large number of round tables, meetings with politicians and we have had over 100 mentions in Spanish media. We have also enhanced our digital communications and our image with a new website and a new logo.

For more information about the chamber and the events that they organise, go to or follow them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


Above: launch of the Barometer of British Investment in October 2016


The view from One Ocean Port VellThe view from One Ocean Port Vell, a marina in Barcelona and a British-owned member company of the chamber








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