Business Recommendations on Judicial Reform in Bulgaria

The British Bulgarian Business Association (BBBA) has been voicing the recommendations of business on judicial reform in Bulgaria

HMA Emma Hopkins at BBBA conference on judicial reformThe BBBA is actively working in partnership with other international chambers of commerce on issues of importance to both business and society in Bulgaria, one of which is judicial reform.  

BBBA Vice Chairman Omourtag Petkov has been the leading expert in the preparation of a position statement on the rule of law and judicial reform in Bulgaria, which was supported by nine international chambers of commerce and presented to the relevant decision makers in the Bulgarian authorities for their attention.

"It is our duty to work without waver toward the establishment of an environment of real legal security and predictability, fairness, and equal treatment for all investors and entrepreneurs. An environment where even those who only dream of establishing their own business have reason to believe it is worthwhile to try, and that the legal system will support their efforts, not hinder them in the interests of a few. To this end, Bulgaria needs an independent, efficient, and transparent judicial system that provides equal justice to all under the laws of our country, reads the statement.

The BBBA in partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce and with Confindustria Bulgaria organised a conference on the topic “Judicial Reform: the Voice of Business,” which was held at Sofia University 'St. Kliment Ohridski' on 8 June.

Participants in the forum agreed that the reform of the judicial institutions should continue in order to ensure full independence, as well as better accountability and public control of both the courts and the prosecution. Bulgarian lawyers were unanimous that electronic justice and modern law education were crucial to the success of reform, so that it could lead to improved investor confidence and economic development in Bulgaria.

“Slow justice means no justice at all. An effective judicial system creates trust among the investors, better healthcare and better infrastructure. Winners at public procurement tenders shall be the best competitors, not men with the best connections,” said Emma Hopkins, British Ambassador to Bulgaria.

The BBBA is committed to continuing the dialogue with Bulgarian decision makers in order to improve the business climate in Bulgaria.

Above: Emma Hopkins, British Ambassador to Bulgaria, leads the panel of lawyers at the conference Judicial Reform: the Voice of Business held at Sofia University on 8 June 

BBBA Vice Chairman at judicial reforms conference, SofiaLeft: BBBA Vice Chairman Omourtag Petkov leads the panel of lawyers at the conference  on judicial reform 



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