Slovenia welcomes UK exporters and investors

Guests at Sports Meets Business eventThe British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce is a COBCOE member, operating in the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana.

Slovenia is just a two-hour flight from the UK, an ideal place for companies looking to reach the markets of Eastern Europe or the Balkans.

Pictured above : Guests at the Sports Meets Business Conference in October 2016 (left to right): Miha Žerko, president of the British Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, Sophie Honey, British Ambassador to Slovenia and Lord Price, Minister of State at the Department for International Trade

Slovenia offers a number of key advantages:

  • A highly skilled workforce, an excellent education system – over 41% of working population have a University Degree, with high IT skills and digital literacy, and 70% of the population can have a conversation in at least two foreign languages

  • Commercial real estate prices are at their lowest and there are many investment opportunities 

  • Quality infrastructure – rail, maritime transport, plus a well-developed ICT industry

  • Window to the Adriatic region – Slovenia is a gateway to the regional markets. Historical and infrastuructural connections make it easily accessible from central and southern EU markets

  • The port of Koper is the most efficient link from Central Europe to Asia and other parts of the world

  • Quality of life – Slovenia boasts natural diversity of the landscape and natural features, ranking 5th among OECD countries in terms of care for the environment and 1st on the Legatum Prosperity Index. It has a low crime rate as the 10th most peaceful country in the world, the sense of wellbeing is muchimproved, and it is the third most forested country in Europe.

The OECD predicts that the Slovenian economy will grow by 3.8% this year.

Slovenia remains among the member states of the OECD with the lowest income inequality (2nd behind Denmark). Among OECD members, Slovenia also ranks first in terms of access to primary healthcare.

All this goes towards making Slovenai an ideal place for high-skilled manufacturing, real estate development, tourism development and British imports, as British brands are not yet present here.

The British-Slovenian Chamber of commerce has held many events planned this year:

23 June Brexit Ambition round table in Ljubljana, Slovenia

7-9 September: The Great British Beer festival, where British beer companies are invited to Slovenia to present their beer and have B2B meetings with Slovenian distributors

9 October: Sports Meets Business conference, focusing on the British export sectors of DIY, gardening and home improvement, with B2B meetings organised with Slovenian & Croatian distributors

29 October: British team running at the Ljubljana marathon

November (tbc): inward mission of British exporters from the midlands

1 December: Christmas gala in London, at the Institute of Directors, networking of Slovenian and British businesses

The chamber also organises CEO lunches and other events with the British Embassy in Ljubljana and the British Council. It helps British exporters and investors with market entry research, setting up meetings and organising events. The chamber also has excellent connections in Slovenian business and government.


Barbara Uranjek, CEO,

Aleksandra Barič, head of Trade Team (British exports)

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