COBCOE Connects keeps on growing

Two more COBCOE members have signed up to the online service COBCOE Connects, covering the markets of France and Finland. They are the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the British and Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland. The new networks will soon be adding members to the online platform, bringing the number of potential contacts on COBCOE Connects to 5,000. 

COBCOE Connects is an online service enabling businesses to find trusted contacts in new markets matched to their needs. It combines the latest technology with the personal touch, as each network is moderated by local experts.

If you would like to join COBCOE Connects as a business, or if you represent a chamber of commerce or business association and would like to offer this valuable international service to your members, please contact

 New video

A new video explaining how  COBCOE Connects works has been released, and you can watch it here.


Workshop in Brussels

In early November, the first COBCOE Connects Moderator Community workshop was held in Brussels with all the stakeholders – chambers of commerce, strategic partners and users. The goal of the workshop was to share experience, hear about the continuing development and evolution of COBCOE Connects over the past year and to explore what the trends show for 2018. 

The workshop also allowed participants to brainstorm ideas on making COBCOE Connects more visible in the business community and more effective for all, and to share insights on how to make it an essential business development tool in 2018. 

Pictures of the workshop are on the COBCOE Connects Facebook page, please follow and share. 

COBCOE ConnectsSuccess stories on COBCOE Connects

On COBCOE Connects, members are invited to post opportunities. Opportunities are a tool that help members connect by solving a problem.

For example, if a company is looking for investors, or a new supplier, they can post an opportunity on COBCOE Connects. Their moderator will receive a notification and share it on the network of their chamber, as well as with other moderators.

This helps to build very good connections between members of the chambers of the COBCOE community. Some companies have already (successfully) taken advantage of this tool. Here are two examples:

  • In November, a Belgian company ran into some issues with a Chinese packaging supplier. At about the same time, a Bulgarian company posted an opportunity on COBCOE Connects to introduce their services to members: quality packaging. The two companies were promptly linked by their moderator and started to discuss the Belgian company’s needs.
  • A manufacturer of specialist equipment for the food service and environmental industries reached out to all the moderators on COBCOE Connects to start working on their business development shortly after registering.

Opportunities on COBCOE Connects

Here are some of the opportunities currently available on COBCOE Connects:


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