Grow In Britain

COBCOE market entry service Grow in BritainTo support SMEs entering the UK market from across our markets, COBCOE has recently launched its “Grow in Britain” programme.

This is a service that provides a market entry package for inward exports as well as investors to the UK and will be mirrored across most of the markets where we have a British chamber in place, in Europe.

The package includes a series of specialist services provided by COBCOE in partnership with expert, known, trusted preferred service providers and our network is asked to replicate the same model from within their chamber.

The aim of “Grow in Britain” is to help international businesses enter the UK market by:

• Analysing whether their brand or offering is suitable for the UK 

• Looking at whether the company has the right market intelligence

• Kick-starting the companies UK market entry

Services include:

• Crucial analysis to attract customers

• Valuable research to understand the market

• Identification of key competitors and market trends

• Targeted marketing to talk to the right people with an initial database build (GDPR proofed)

• Follow on bespoke in-depth work

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Please do get in touch for further information and to begin your successful journey into the UK market

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