Market Research

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The online research enquiry service from COBCOE run under the Make Europe Work! brand, is a bespoke market research service available to business across Europe

Your enquiry can include simple queries about market opportunities, a more extensive piece of research including setting up in a market. Enquiries may lead to proactive market visits that can be managed for you by COBCOE under the Trade Europe programme via our extensive chambers network both in the UK and across the rest of continental Europe.

COBCOE will assist to identify the potential market as well as the chamber that can assist in-market, will run market workshops and roundtables and support and organise market visits for groups interesting in learning more.

Registration into the programme is free and open to:

Companies that are already exporting across Europe, but wishing to consider other markets within Europe (including the UK)

Companies that are already exporting worldwide but wishing to expand European export potential

Please send your enquiry to

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