Training Academy

The annual Training Academy is a major part of our mission to help our members and affilates reach their full potential so that they may support their members to do business successfully. Using a combination of presentations, case studies, workshops and interactive exercises, the sessions are created specifically for chambers of commerce.

Training sessions use interesting and entertaining techniques. They type of subjects covered include developing the membership base, best practice and good governance in the chamber movement as well as increasingly important topics such as corporate responsibility, sustainability and digital transformation.

Our professional Training Academy is also developing training programmes for chamber boards and key executive leadership teams. The aim is to develop not only soft skills, but also actual work and task related training for key areas of running a Britishl chamber of commerce. Furthermore, the Training Academy offers the opportunity for best practice exchange.

The COBCOE Training Academy is managed by Anne-Marie Martin, Chief Executive of COBCOE, and professional programmes are developed and managed with specialist service providers and leaders in the field of membership organisations.




COBCOE's professional training specialists include:

Sue Froggatt Training & Consulting

Byrne Insight

UP Consultancy



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