Setting new trends in the Czech Republic

The British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic has become a trendsetter in the field of CSR and Diversity 

British Chamber Czech Republic teamThe British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) in the Czech Republic has strengthened its position in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and diversity. Activities involving these topics are perceived as a unique selling point, and we are proud to be called a trendsetter among the various business chambers here in Prague. Our most successful project is Equilibrium, a mentoring programme for women in business, boasting a strong and powerful community.

The chamber has been running this programme since 2011, and started its 8th year in February. The main goal of the BCC Equilibrium mentoring programme is to empower and support women in both their private lives and chosen career paths. The second objective of the programme is to assist women in restarting their careers after having taken extended leave from work due to raising children, etc. Equilibrium is at the forefront of shaping a new generation of women executives and strengthening gender diversity in the Czech business environment.

Since 2011, Equilibrium has been attended by 558 individuals from 315 companies. This year we will have another 190 participants – 95 mentors and 95 mentees. Thanks to the Equilibrium programme, the British Chamber has gained popularity and new partners, as well as increased visibility in the Czech media. Equilibrium is conducted under the auspices of the United Nations in the Czech Republic.

In addition to Equilibrium, the BCC in the Czech Republic also runs a working group on CSR and diversity, which is the most active working group in our community. Working group meetings have led to several round tables and seminars being hosted, with such topics as women with the children in the workforce.

Where does the BCC in the Czech Republic stand on diversity in terms of practice? Well, four members of the Board of Directors happen to be women:

  • Zuzana Nagyová, Honorary Vice Chairman of the chamber and Head of the Department for International Trade at the British Embassy
  • Eva Usai Blumental, EUB, Brand & Marketing Advisory
  • Eva Shaw, Lansdowne International, and
  • Jana Ryšlinková, USBSP

Our executive team is mostly comprised of women, including our very own Managing Director Marcella Černochová! Moreover, the BCC in the Czech Republic supports the EU Diversity Charter. Taken together, all of these facts are of great benefit to us, and we feel that we present a great example of how women can be empowered in the workforce.

The British Chamer of Commerce in the Czech Republic is COBCOE Chamber of the Year 2017


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