Women in leadership in Slovenia

By Barbara Uranjek, CEO, British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce 


The landscape for women in business in Slovenia

Barbara Uranjek, British-Slovenian Chamber of CommerceSlovenia currently ranks 8th in the EU when it comes to women in leadership positions.The ratio between men and women graduates in Slovenia is 37% to 63%, yet men hold 90% of CEO positions in the top 101 companies and 73% of Slovenia’s top 101 don’t have a woman in their management board.
Some setbacks for women in leadership positions are marriage and children (maternity leave is one year), which means being more absent from work. Yet women are excellent in making relationships and companies do not capitalise their abilities enough. 


Initiative to promote women in leadership

The Women section in Slovenia’s Managers’ Association has a programme aimed at promoting more women to leadership positions. Their programme is structured around six pillars: Education and Mentoring – for the professional development of managers; Networking – to build links between managers; Recognition – to identify and reward best practices in women's management; Professional projects – for the professional development and promotion of women's management in Slovenia; Recruitment and promotions at least one women among thefinal three candidates 


Women leading chambers of commerce

The main chambers of commerce in Slovenia are now being led by women – the Managers’ Association, the National Chamber of Commerce, AmCham, the German Chamber of Commerce and the British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce all have women as CEOs. At the British-Slovenian Chamber, we have started working on the topic of women leaders with the Managers’ Association. We also try to include women managers on our Management Board, and at our events and discussions. We acknowledge this issue as being important and will continue to strive toward including and promoting more women into our activities.




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