Czech pre-election debate with political leaders

British Chamber Czech Republic hosts pre-election debate with other chambersOn 12 September 2017, the British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic (BCCCR), in cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce, the French-Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Nordic Chamber of Commerce, hosted a major pre-election debate with the leaders of key political parties. 

Representatives of the top parties were invited to the debate. The proportional representation system in the Czech Republic requires political parties to have at least 5% of the vote get into the legislature. All the leaders of the parties that were set to receive at least 5% of voter support according to pre-election polls were therefore invited to take part. 

The following leaders accepted the invitation to join the debate: Andrej Babiš (ANO), Pavel Bělobrádek (KDU-CSL), Jiří Dolejš (KSČM), Miroslav Kalousek (TOP 09), Zbynek Stanjura (ODS) and Lubomir Zaoralek (CSSD).

Pre-election debate in Czech RepublicThe debate was actually the first public meeting of representatives from the foremost political parties prior to the October parliamentary elections. Thanks to this fact, the debate gained more media coverage than any event in the BCCCR’s history, and was also streamed live by the server 

“Unlike most pre-election debates, the debate hosted by the chambers was unique in that it focused more on economic issues, since decisions in this area can fundamentally impact business and trade in the Czech environment,” says Marcela Černochová, Director of the BCCCR.

In addition to top management representatives from some of the most important companies operating in the Czech Republic, the ambassadors of Finland, Slovakia, Sweden and Great Britain were among the distinguished guests at the debate. The entire debate was simultaneously translated into English, and afterwards the guests all had an opportunity to meet one another and mingle with a glass of wine. Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback and responses from members of the BCCCR, the chamber plans to continue to host future pre-election debates, thereby establishing a tradition.

A video recording of the debate (available only in Czech) can be found at: 

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The British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic is COBCOE Chamber of the Year 2017.


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